Whether you found us by your own means or were sent to us by family or friends, we appreciate your visit.

There is a variety of news items, articles and videos. Some are informative and some are personal journals of life. We trust you will find your visit informative.

For several years we have provided information on one of the most vital issues to the human race – our food and its importance in nourishing body, mind and sprit.

Our research has lead us to related issues such as farming and agriculture; water; medicine; geoengineering and the United Nations (UN) Agenda 21. And each of those leads to other areas of (hidden) knowledge.

Everything is connected.

And that is why we cover topics on this web site that seem not to be connected to food. They are.

UN Agenda 21 provides the best understanding of how all things are interconnected and there is information on this topic from several sources. Knowledge of this agenda can be upsetting at first, but with more understanding comes confidence in ones own abilities. Knowledge is power.

One critical area which people are knowingly deficient is government. Most people think we live in a democracy because that is what we are told by our government, schools and media. The country was never a democracy; the word does not appear in the founding documents.

America was founded as a constitutional republic, but in 1871 Congress passed the Act of 1871 which created a corporation named UNITED STATES. We have been under the control of this corporation's tyranny ever since. People are generally unaware of this charade because it is not in the sanctioned history books nor discussed in the media nor taught in schools. Yet knowledge of revisionist history of the 20th Century – and World Wars I and II in particular, is essential to understanding the current world situation.

So while we have expanded the topics covered by this web site, we will continue under the food banner because food is one aspect of our existance over which we still have some direct control, should we choose to excercice it.

We hope the information here will help you become more aware of the current issues facing humanity and motivate you to

do your own research!

Knowledge is liberating and powerful. Engage.

Enjoy, eat healthy, be well!

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